The success secret of “Dirham Group for Financial Investments” comes from its accelerating in administrative development field, while at the same time its commitment to the values ​​of integrity, providing the highest level of services, and raising up its social responsibility. The various companies of “Dirham Group” attract international reputed and famous brands which have proven success and fame in various fields. Our Group concentrates on customer’s satisfaction, which is at top of our Group’s interests, and meets their various needs, in addition to the needs of the community in which the Group’s companies grow up and practices its businesses through. Dirham Group is committed to providing unique options which provided the best international brands, according to the highest standards and criteria of customer services. The Group works through several subsidiary companies distributed over various sectors, such as trade, industry and services sections, in addition to other auxiliary sectors.


Dirham Group for Financial Investments is applying to improve and develop the economical and industrial environments, our group is committed through investing in developing and implementing successful business plans, which reflect an added qualitative value, as it has well-established plans to expand its business and to put an influential footprint in the market, through adherence to standards Quality and credibility in all sections. The group's investments have contributed to developing the business environment and creating sustainable job opportunities, in addition to providing the market with modern skills and technology, in addition to dedicate the culture of creativity, which is one of the most important factors that stimulates economical growth for the individual and the society.


  • To develop and market products that meet customer needs and create marketing features
  • To promote an inclusive culture that promotes diversity
  • To conduct the business in accordance with professional and ethical standards


  • Regional and international spreading and expanding Dedicating the leading role for the Group and all its various companies
  • -Being up to date with international markets’ standards, harnessing the potentials, overcoming all obstacles to develop our products, improving our services and what has been achieved
  • Our values: honesty transparency, keeping up our support, providing the highest quality, in addition to social and environmental commitment against the variableS


We always strive to provide the highest levels of services and outstanding performance in the implementation of investment projects for various types of buildings and architectural constructions within the highest international quality of distinguished standards, we also play the role of a professional mediator in import and export trade and real estate marketing, and we contribute efficiently hand in hand with the various public sectors and institutions for making a qualitative leap in development of capabilities of society, individuals and groups, in addition to that we guarantee opportunities for creative people in various investment fields