Petroleum valves trading

Dirham Company for Trading Petroleum Valves, Factory Filters and Power Stations, is one of the subsidiaries of Dirham Group for Financial Investments; therefore, we are always committed to providing many of the best valves and filters for factories and power stations. We are fully committed to finding solutions for our customers and providing a professional service with regard to general and specialized valves


The trade of human medicine and medical supplies is one of the commercial investments on which Dirham Group for financial investments is based through the import of qualitative medicine after registering and approving it by the Ministry of Health, in addition to importing and distribution of medical supplies and consumables, and to supply the pharmaceutical laboratories with active row materials and excipients, and to import and distribute of nutritional supplements, in addition to cosmetics and skin care and personal care products

Dirham also owns a group of agents of Pharmaceutical companies such as
Fortex,,biotrade,Santo Pharm,Extract Pharm,Liconsa

  • Pharmaceutical Trade
  • Nutritional Supplements Trade
  • Medical and Surgical Materials Trade
  • Medical Devices and Equipment Trade


Dirham Group strives to develop and improve agricultural crops trade through importing best qualities of agricultural crops such as yellow corn, soybeans and sugar from several countries to meet the needs of the local market by creating partnerships and owning commercial agencies to serve this purpose


Dirham Group, through agricultural medicines and agricultural pesticides department, deals with many international companies that produce high quality products, which include insecticides, fungicides, spider pesticides, nematodes, herbicides, and diseases of public health pesticides.

Pesticides are used in fighting of many pests and diseases that affect plants and in the elimination of disease vectors such as mosquitoes, mice, ticks and rats with high efficiency, as well as they are used in fighting weeds and reducing the spread of diseases

  • Veterinary Vaccines and Animals’ Health Medicines and Supplements Trade
  • Veterinary Medicine Trade
  • Agricultural Pesticides Trade
  • Agricultural Fertilizer Trade

Agricultural Supplies, Equipment and Systems Trade

Agricultural Supplies and Equipment Trade
Modern Irrigation Systems Trade