Logistics services

Our goal in the logistics department is to find integrated logistics solutions for our customers. The logistics department presents competitive logistical transport services and global logistical services that meet all your global logistical requirements, all of that is under the ceiling of Dirham Group, which handles all kinds of work related to import, export and shipping to and from anywhere in the world through the desired destinations for our customers. Therefore, Dirham Group has earned a unique reputation based on innovation and mutual trust with clients.

Quality Control services

The company provides logistical services to various companies that specialized in Quality Control at the Republic of Iraq, as these services have been provided to companies and institutions for fifteen years in various fields, especially industrial and medical fields, to help maintain the quality of safety programs in laboratories, as well as ensure public health and safety of working employees In the laboratories. Because of continuous developments and instructions issue via various ministries in Iraq, the company keeps saving its activities in assigning foreign quality control companies in Iraq through the coordination with various relevant ministries.