(Contracting, Constructions, Maintenance, Rehabilitation and Overhaul)

Engineering Company, is one of the active, professional and effective companies of Dirham Group for Financial Investments, its missions include (Contracting, Constructions, Maintenance, Rehabilitation and Overhaul for (Buildings, Highways, Bridges, Tunnels, Infrastructure, Internal and External Decoration Works, Water, Sewage, Oil, Gas, Petrochemical, All types of Machinery such as Turbines and Engines and Generators and Excavators and pumps, Pipelines, Water purification and desalination, Electricity generation and water projects and networks, Electromechanical Projects, Telecommunications Networks and Water Sustainable Energy)

  • Equipping Gas, Petroleum and Petrochemical Stations
  • Equipping and Installing Floating Terminals for Loading Crude Oil
  • Supplying and Installing Drinking and Heavy Water Stations, Networks and Spare Parts
  • Equipping and Installing Purification and Desalination Plants
  • Designing, Equipping, Implementing and Operating Electric Power Plants and water projects
  • Designing, Equipping and Installing Power Stations projects
  • Governmental and Private Constructional and Contractual Bids
  • Carrying out and Executing all Constructional and Contractual works (Buildings, Electromechanical, water and sewage)
  • Carrying out and Executing all Constructional, Contractual, Electrical, Roads and public Projects
  • Executing Contractual works and constructional buildings, Interior and Exterior Decoration works, Water, Sewage
    ,Networks, Bridges, Roads, Highways, Tunnels, Electrical and Mechanical Works and Telecommunication Networks
  • Electromechanical Contracting
  • Contracting of Generating Electricity from Water “Sustainable Energy”
  • Design, Installation, Maintenance and Supply of Industrial and Scientific Machinery Equipment
  • Maintenance of steam and gas turbines and electrical generators
  • Maintenance of Commercial and Gas Turbines and Electrical Generators
  • Equipping Excavators, pumps and pipelines related to water and energy
  • Supplies and Equipment for Water Desalination and its Distribution
  • Supplies and Equipment for Water Treatment and Distribution
  • Preparing and Implementing Water Projects
  • Supplying and Installing Drinking and Heavy Water Stations, Networks and Spare Parts
  • Manufacturing and Equipping Water Networks and their Accessories for Drinking and Agricultural Water Purposes